Validity of points

Dear members,

We are writing today to remind you about an important information about your Toluna points. As mentioned in our FAQs, points have a validity of two years, and have to be used within this limit.

Please also note that not all of your Toluna points will expire at the end of two years, only those that were earned during a given month two years ago. For example, if you earned 15,000 points in October 2008, and then another 45,000 points between November 2008 through October 2010, you would have a balance of 60,000 points. If at the end of October 2010, you have not redeemed your points, you will not lose the full amount, just the first 15,000 from the previous October. If however, your Toluna account remains inactive for a period of 12 months consecutively, then in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, your full Toluna points balance will be forfeited.

To ensure that you do not lose any of your Toluna points, please continue to participate regularly in surveys and polls, and check your balance and rewards page often to redeem your points for cash payments and other exciting rewards. If you have questions about our point expiration policy, please feel free to contact us.
Last but not least, we are pleased to remind you that since last week, many of our surveys are now rewarded on their day of completion! Your feedback has been extremely positive and we want to let you know that we’ll extend this to more and more surveys in the future. This way, you will not have to wait and will be able to redeem you points into cash, vouchers and prize draw tickets.

We know that some of our members are still waiting for points for popularity bonuses and opinions of more than 80 words earned since August. We assure you that your points are still being tracked within our system, and have not been lost. Our engineers are working on solving this problem as quickly as possible, and we will keep you informed on the status of this issue as updates and a resolution become available.

See you soon on the site
The Toluna Team

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