Facebook activity, TolunaTeam account and other topics !

Hi all

I am writing this post in order to talk about a few related topics.

Facebook Toluna page:

First, as some of you have already noticed, we have started to be more and more active on Facebook; we have Facebook fan page here: http://www.facebook.com/Toluna.  There is already quite a lot of activity there, with almost 20,000 “likes” and dozens of posts every day.   Also on Facebook, we are trying to answer your questions about the community, every day we will highlight the most interesting topics and polls that you guys are publishing, so you might as well join us to see if more people have something to say about your question or opinion. We will also suggest a Top User every week for the Toluna community on Facebook, it will be one that the other users recommended and one that publishes good content. We’ve already picked a few users:  jnross,  joeruskin,  ginger3647, jmon and more to come.   Please note that we won’t give points for participation in Facebook and that we won’t  give gifts or vouchers there.  We know how you like them, but we actually want this page to be a place where you come to discuss topics and not to get points.

TolunaTeam account on Toluna.com

The other thing you might have noticed is that we now have an account on toluna.com which we will use to communicate with you, this account is TolunaTeam.  I know that some of you were not sure that this was a genuine Toluna owned account, but we guarantee you that it is.  We will soon make it obvious.    We will use this account in addition to the Blog or the Facebook page to announce a few things and react on some of your remarks.  Please note that we will not discuss points or vouchers or any personal stuff there but mostly public items dealing with the community.

We are doing these in order to give you a better experience while you are with us at Toluna and we hope that you will enjoy it.

The Toluna team

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