Update to 24 hours Survey Crediting

Dear Members,

Following some of the feedback we received from the Toluna community, we would like to shed some light regarding surveys credited within 24 hours of completion.

Since the implementation of the 24 hour crediting system, the points for less complex surveys have been credited to your account within 24 hours of completion. More complex surveys with higher incentives will be credited within 2-6 weeks of the surveys closure, in accordance with our payment guidelines.

When the “Project Open” status is displayed next to a survey in your account, this means that you completed the survey successfully, but the reward has not been posted yet, as the project is still open and we have to wait until the survey has closed and no new participants have entered. If fewer surveys are now credited within 24 hours this is done to provide our team the chance to  thoroughly analyze and review the survey data to ensure that correct and honest member participation has taken place. Please be aware that the complexity of a survey is not always reflected by its value and that the verification process is extremely important to us in order to be sure we reward members for giving their honest opinions.

As a reminder, the “Project Open” status is our guarantee that you will see the points displayed as soon as the survey has closed.

See you soon on the site

The Toluna Team

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