Status Upgrade System

Dear Toluna Members,

Toluna is a community for people who like sharing opinions and like to interact and communicate with other people. Therefore, we always try to promote and reward members who are active and add value to our community.

We have a system in place that has been set up to encourage interesting and popular content and reward time and effort spent on our website.
You can get upgraded as far as VIP status when you are posting good quality material online, keeping to the rules and staying active on a regular basis by filling in surveys and giving opinions. This is a system that works on a monthly basis so the status changes at the beginning of each month.

Unfortunately we have to inform you that this system has not been working correctly recently and we have faced some issues with proper rewarding and upgrading of members. We would like to ask you to remain patient while we work hard to resolve the problems.

We would like to assure everyone that the incentive has not been lost and will be credited properly retroactively, once again the system is fully functioning again.

Thank you for your understanding.
With kind regards,

Your Toluna Team

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