To flip or not to flip – That is the question

Hello everyone,

It’s Shrove Tuesday on Tuesday 8th of March and for many of us this means a chance to eat a couple (or a lot) of delicious home-made Pancakes. Here at the Toluna office in Paris we’re all getting excited about going out for Crepes after work and it seems our members are also getting excited. Check out how many Toluna members will be enjoying this delicious treat by looking at ‘Salsag’s’ poll on the matter here.

One of our members, ‘royalgloucestershire’, has kindly posted their preferred recipe for making pancakes, take a look at the post here, maybe you could even share your tips (or take advantage of those of your fellow Toluna members’!!).

If you are lacking inspiration or bored of the classic (yet very tasty) lemon and sugar topping then check out this opinion topic created by member ‘gill_steadman’ with plenty of ideas. The only thing that will be left to decide is whether you dare to flip or not (please note Toluna accepts no responsibility for tears caused by failed flips!!).

However, Pancakes are not the only food being discussed on Toluna this week, visit the Food part of the site, to see what opinions other members have on all things food related, there is such a range of opinion topics and polls we’re sure you will find something you can contribute to or if not, start a new one! Don’t forget to try out some of the sponsored polls and surveys on food, which can be found in this section, to earn some valuable points to go towards your next voucher!

Have a good weekend, and enjoy your pancakes on Tuesday!

The UK Toluna Team

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