Survey Statuses Explained

Dear members,

Following your questions related to points for completed surveys we would like to clarify some aspects for you.

As a reminder : when the “Project Open” status is displayed next to a survey in your account, this means that you completed the survey successfully, but the reward has not been posted yet, as the project is still open and we have to wait until the survey has closed and no new participants have entered ; you will see the points displayed for that survey within approximately 6 weeks of the survey closure.

But sometimes for some surveys it can happen that you temporarily see displayed in your account prize draw entry as status next to the survey you completed instead of “project open”

The reason for this happening in some cases is that some projects are hosted by our clients and we have to wait until the client returns the final data to us and after this data is analyzed and matched with the data we captured, the correct participation status will be recorded in your account.

We are very sorry about this temporary display error, but  please do not worry: your correct participation status is stored in the database. If you have completed the survey, you will be credited for it as soon as the study is completely closed  even if you cannot see displayed immediately  the right status for the respective survey in your account.

If more than 8 weeks since you took the survey have passed and you still can’t see the correct status recorded in your account, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

See you soon on the site,

Toluna Team

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