The Toluna rewards just keep on coming!

If you have your own website or blog, then you can earn money by generating new members and spreading the word about Toluna! You can refer your family and friends, as well as your site audience and members!
Advertising Toluna on your site is really simple and is a great way to earn some extra cash, whilst becoming an even bigger member of the Toluna family!

When you advertise Toluna, you will get paid everytime one of your site visitors signs up to be a member of the community!

To make this process really easy, we have created our own affiliate program, called ThinkAction, which enables you to sign up and apply our advertising formats to your website quickly and efficiently. You can choose from our wide range of banners, to find one that suits your website the best! The ThinkAction platform is very user-friendly, and signing up doesn’t take long. ThinkAction also allows you to see how many new members you have generated through your site, as well as how much money you are earning in the process!

The ThinkAction affiliate network aims to increase the money you are making online, and our 24/7 affiliate support staff are always on hand to help you out. We offer great payouts for the referral of new members and we will automatically pay you every 30 days, by paypal, check or bank wire.
Such is our dedication, that ThinkAction not only boasts advertising campaigns for Toluna! There are a wide range of survey and panel campaigns available through the network, that our affiliates can participate in. This only further increases the money you are making with us!

We are always looking to work with new affiliates, and as a Toluna member, ThinkAction gives us the opportunity to develop our partnership to a professional level!

So, benefit even more from your Toluna membership, by becoming a member of ThinkAction!

Please feel free to contact the ThinkAction team on

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