A Royal Wedding!

Dear Members,

We’d like to wish you a fantastic weekend and hope that you all get the opportunity to celebrate the marriage of William and Kate or, if you’re not really a royalist, then the start of May!
The results of a QuickVote we released last week showed us that most of you will not be involving yourself with the celebration, which seems to many a stark contrast compared to the celebrations that surrounded Charles and Diana’s wedding in 1981. However, an interesting poll by Meoldmucca resulted in most of you wanting to retain the monarchy, which would mean that it is just the wedding that many of you do not wish to be involved with.

Whether you will be enjoying a street party, watching the carriage drive past in London or staying at home with a cup of tea, we hope that you don’t pass up on the opportunity to celebrate being British!

We wish William and Kate all the best for their future together and hope to see you members soon on the site.

Kind Regards,

The Toluna Team

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