The Alternative Vote and local elections: Your Opinion

The AV vote was the first UK-wide referendum since 1975 and decided the way that future elections are carried out. We asked you in a QuickVote whether you would be voting “Yes” or “No” and our results were in line with the YouGov poll and the final results; most of you say “NO” to the Alternative Voting system. You can see from the map below the results of the AV vote. Source: Electoral Commision

You can explain why you voted “yes” or “no” on this opinion topic by emmaclaire2.

As for the local elections, more than 31 million voters are eligible to take part, which covers around half of all the council seats in the country; the biggest round of local elections of the cycle. The Lib Dems expected to lose around 400 councillors and the Conservatives nearly as many.

According to you members, most of you did not plan to vote at all! Those that did planned on the most part to vote for Labour, followed swiftly by Conservative. You can check the results of our poll here. Our results match up with the results that were collected in the UK, which is a great thing to see. The Lib Dems have lost nearly 600 councillors – surpassing their prediction – whilst Labour have gained an amazing near 700.

An astonishing election victory by the Scottish national Party has made history and David Cameron congratulates the SNP on their “emphatic win”.

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