HMV vouchers

Dear members,


We’ve had a few queries about our HMV vouchers in light of the company’s recent announcement that they will not be accepting vouchers in their stores or online for the time being, whilst they undergo administration.


Toluna have made the decision to stop offering HMV vouchers as areward option, and any members who have ordered HMV vouchers which are still “Processing” will be credited their points instead of receiving this voucher.


For our members currently in possession of HMV vouchers ordered from Toluna, we kindly ask that you hold on to your vouchers – these vouchers are not void, and HMV have suggested that they will be redeemable in the future. Once the company begins accepting vouchers again, you will be able to spend your reward.


We apologise for any inconvenience this situation causes. We will keep you updated on the situation should there be any changes.


The Toluna Team

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