New reward available

Dear Members,

We are excited to announce that beginning today, 9th July, we will be offering PayPal as a reward option for our UK members!  PayPal will be available in the Rewards Centre, and payments are available with a minimum of 160,000 points for a £30 payment.


Before you can redeem your points however, you will need to visit the “Account” section of our website, located in the drop-down list under the “Welcome [your username]” message in the top-right hand corner of the Explore page.  Here, starting today, you will see a new option on the left side menu called “PayPal Details”.  You will have to provide your PayPal account information so that we know where to send your funds.

Once your payment request is processed, your PayPal transaction ID will be available directly in your Toluna account.

Keep checking our Latest News for updates about the reward opportunities, and all of the exciting news happening here at Toluna.

We hope you are enjoying the summer!

See you soon on the site,

The Toluna Team

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