Giftie of the Month – March

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to be back, and will be regularly posting interesting content for you all to interact with!

Gifties of the Month is back!

We at Toluna value our members’ opinions above all and we would like to know what YOU think.
We have therefore decided to give you the chance to choose the next Giftie you would like to have in the reward centre.

You think your Giftie idea can be the next hit? Tell us and win 5,000 points!

How does it work?

  •  You have 3 weeks to POST A TOPIC explaining your Gifite idea
  •  Name your Topic “My participation for: Giftie of the month”
  •  Submit the LINK to your Topic on the Toluna Team post
  •  The Toluna team will choose the 10 Topics that received the best feedback and submit  them to a final vote
  •  The Giftie that gains the most votes will be chosen as the “Giftie of the month”
  •  The user who submitted the idea will receive 5,000 points!

The Giftie of the month will be added to the Rewards Centre for members’ enjoyment, and a new Giftie contest begins!
You can start submitting your ideas here today. The final vote will be posted on the 28th of February.

Good luck to all!


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