NEW GAME: Pixelate

Hello everyone!

We have a new game for you, as the General Knowledge Game had been going for 5 months we thought it would be a good idea to mix things up a little.

This new game called Pixelate will begin every Monday, with a photo of a place, person, object, anything!

Just like this one:

round 1The first photo posted on Mondays will be heavily pixelated and worth 5,000 points, as the days go on and there is still no correct guess the worth will go down, just like the General Knowledge Game!

For example this photo would be worth 4,000 points:

round 2

The photos will get less and less pixelated so you are able to guess what it is, like this photo:

round 3

This game will last from Monday until someone guesses. However if the photo remains undetected then there will be no winner and the points will be carried over to the following week.

To clarify:

Monday – Photo 1 (5,000 points)

Tuesday – Photo 2 (4,000 points)

Wednesday – Photo 3 (3,000 points)

Thursday – Photo 4 (2,000 points)

Friday (until 3pm) – Photo 4 (1,000 points) If no winner has been selected by 3pm the points will be carried over.

New Ruling: Winners shall now be selected at random from all the correct answers. I.E. if more than one person gets the correct answer, then a winner shall be picked at random. (It will no longer be the first person to guess the answer correctly).

We hope that you enjoy this new game!

The Toluna Team

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