Toluna Test Products 2014

Anecdote Antics Competition:


Hello everyone!
The winner from last week is ‘RainbowStorm’, 2,000 points will be credited to you! Check out the winning post:

This week’s Topic is: Test Products

This week we want to hear what you think of our test products. Create a topic about a test product you have tested and what you though of it OR create a topic about a test product that you would like to review in 2015. The best review will win 2000 points, however, EVERY ANECDOTE TOPIC is worth 1000 POINTS this week only!

– All participants must CREATE A TOPIC with a VISUAL, and a short anecdote of their memory. SIMPLE! ***Please note that if you comment on the Topic, IT WILL NOT COUNT***

– ALL participants will receive a rank up worth 1000 points, and the winner will get 2,000 points. The winner will be the member with the story the Toluna Team thinks is the best!

Anecdote Antics | Test Products

Enjoy your weekends!

The Toluna Team 🙂

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