The Halloween Gifties

To put you in the Halloween spirit, we are pleased to announce the launch of our limited edition special Halloween Gifties!

Surprise a friend by offering them a Giftie below!

Halloween candy: Delicious assortment of sweets to savor with family or to distribute to your visitors losses for 100 points!

Halloween candles Yankee Candle: Decorate your home with these spooky decorations. A real treat for the whole family, ghosts and spirits for 50 points!

A Pumpkin Carving Kit: Create lanterns for Halloween with this pumpkin carving kit, for 100 points!

Halloween makeup kit: Transform yourself for one night with this makeup on 100 points!

A  Halloween Wall sticker: Decorating your home for Halloween has never been easier with these wall stickers that can be removed and re positioned easily, for 100 points!


A Halloween decoration: scary decoration Recipe tell your guests where the Halloween party is this year for 100 points!


You can send as many Gifties as you want .

Take advantage of this great offer faster before they disappear!

All Halloween Gifties might become real and in this case, they will be delivered directly to you!

Happy Halloween everyone!


The Toluna Team

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