You can now redeem your Toluna points for a donation to the Red Cross!

Dear members,

You can now help your fellow man by returning your Toluna points to the The Red Cross International and Red Crescent Societies Donation

Exchange 25,000 points for a donation to the Red Cross to the value of  so that they can continue to provide assistance.

Toluna will match the members donation. For instance, if the member donates £3.80, Toluna will give another £3.80, transferring a total of £7.60 to the Red Cross.


Read about the work of the Red Cross :

Since January 2015 , the number of immigrants entering Greece via Italy and Europe increased significantly. The Red Cross helps in each country to ensure basic survival needs of the refugees and immigrants are expected they offer include first aid , psychological support , temporary stay , stay for the long term , water and food and help get in contact with their family. The winter is arriving , this will make the conditions of the refugees more difficult , and therefore they need extra help.


Toluna team

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