Valentine’s Day Gifties!

Dear Members,

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, we decided to roll out some new exciting Gifties to celebrate the season of love, romance and friendship.

Take a look below for the latest Gifties selection,  it contains something for everyone!

Surprise a friend by offering them a Giftie below!

Valentine’s Pillow Covers :  Brighten your Valentine’s day and share the love with a special set of pillow covers.  100 pointsHeart pillow cover


Valentine’s Decoration : Lovely Valentine’s decoration to brighten up your home! 100 pointsVal decor


Valentine’s Surprise : Spread the love with a surprise Valentine’s Day Giftie! 100 pointsval suprise.png


Valentine’s Chocolates : Special chocolate hearts for the one you love! 50 points val chocolate


Valentine’s Lego Surprise : Build a special keepsake for your loved one! 50 pointsval lego surprise


You can send as many Gifties as you want .

Take advantage of this great offer faster before they disappear!

All Valentine’s Gifties might become real and in this case, they will be delivered directly to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Toluna Team

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