Check out some of our latest giftie winners

Recently two of our UK members won some of our Apple gifites!

Pop over to their pages to say congratulations.

You can win a giftie too by going to our rewards centre.


Username: lfraser4

Won a MacBook Air laptop

“I received my macbook air and I am ecstatic! Part of me couldn’t believe that I had really won an actual prize! Not until the UPS guy handed it to me! I hadn’t got enough points to exchange for vouchers so I thought I would just try to win a giftie for the fun of it. I’m so thrilled and so surprised they became a real gift! Thank you so much. This is great!”

ipod touch

Username: Tincka-la-bel

Won an iPod Touch! We especially engraved it to say “Enjoy your giftie”.

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