Toluna Winter Olympics


Dear Members,

I gave you the clue yesterday for today`s surprise!

Are you ready for the Winter Olympics? It’s such a brilliant occasion for people and countries to come together and celebrate the best of the best in sports!

♣ In honor of the Winter Olympics, we’re launching today the Winter Survey Olympics. What’s even better is that participation is super easy and you can end up with a whopping 20,000 bonus points!

♣ Between February 8th and February 25th, simply complete surveys as you normally would and then on the 26th of February, if you’ve completed the most surveys and land in the top of the leaderboard you’ll be awarded with one of three Toluna Winter Survey Olympics medals!

First Place – Gold Medal – 20,000 points
Second Place – Silver Medal – 15,000 points
Third Place – Bronze Medal – 10,000 points

On your marks, get set, GO FOR GOLD!

Influence your world and complete surveys here like an Olympic pro!

Toluna Team

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