Toluna Online Shopping Experience Contest : A chance to win a £20 gift card and Toluna points

Dear Toluna Influencers,

We would love to hear more about how influential consumers like you, decide how and where to shop.

To participate:
– Film yourself answering any 3 of the 9 questions below
– Send your video to by Feb. 26

– The top 20 videos will win a $20 gift card!
– All other valid participations will receive 3,000 points

*The winning videos will be featured on all Toluna websites

♣ Questions ♣
1. Where do you shop online? why?
2. When you think about the retailers you like? Why do you like them?
3. Do you buy more online now than you did a few years ago? If so, why?
4. How fast do you expect your goods to arrive?
5. How has your online shopping changed from 3-5 years ago?
6 Are you shopping online more now than 3-5 years ago?
7. What do you buy now that you wouldn’t have in the past?
8. Do you feel that companies understand you? If so, which ones
9. If a company were to truly delight you, what would they do?

*By participating you authorize Toluna and its affiliates to use your video for any promotional purposes

Click here to have more info.

Good luck:)


The Toluna Team


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