Toluna Team & Toluna Community: Toluna Challenge 

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Dear Members,

Are you the kind of person who loves new challenges? Yes? Well get ready for a new Toluna Challenge!

This time it is between YOU and ME (The Toluna Team)!


♣ Every week I will give you a new challenge (it will be different to the DIB missions).
♣ You need to complete the challenge
♣ If you are successful, it will be your turn to give me a challenge!

First challenge for the whole community:

♣ Create TOPICS about DIB mission (which is in the March Issue of the Toluna Magazine) ONLY until Monday.
♣ No Poll, Thumb It or Battle
♣ Show your creative and proactive side!
♣ On Monday, It will be your turn to give me a mission/challenge (if you succeed!)

Let the challenges begin!

Toluna Team

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