Feel the sunshine with the new Toluna Products

Winter was long, so no one will blame you for feeling a little tired, maybe slightly grumpy about the fact that you’re at work instead of outside enjoying the newly arrived summer.

My recommendation to you is this: book a holiday.

Whether you chose to travel during said holiday or not, Toluna has a few new surprises to help you enjoy your break! You can find them all in our Rewards Centre.

The first thing you’ll need is the brand new Toluna backpack. Pack plenty of water and some energy-boosting snacks and grab the Toluna beach ball. Now get to the beach or the park and let the kids (and yourself) run wild. We don’t have a Toluna sunscreen available but we strongly recommend its use!


If instead of running around kicking a ball you prefer to go for a nice long walk, we’ve got you covered too! Grab the backpack for this, but let’s leave the Toluna ball at home.

If you’re taking the little ones along, it’s a good idea to bring the new Toluna Cap for protection during the hot hours of the day but, guess what, with the Toluna Reflective Bracelet there is no need to run home as soon as it gets dark. Instead, slap it on their precious wrists to keep them visible to drivers but most importantly to your vigilant eyes.


Why would you need a USB Hub during a holiday you might ask? Well to make sure that you don’t have to unplug your precious phone when your friend’s battery is at 1% too. Who knows, maybe you will also use it to share some of your amazing summer photos with us. 😉


Enjoy the new Toluna products and enjoy the summer!

Keep influencing your world,

Toluna Team

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