The Toluna Road Trip!

In case you had missed it… we have an exciting new road trip going on! In this Road Trip, we are travelling Europe, meeting other CM’s along the way!
I hope that you loved the UK and Ireland videos so far, please watch them if you haven’t already! You will find them on our Facebook page or on the Community!

In addition to this, we also have an exciting competition going on which could win you a free Toluna branded product!

You have until this Wednesday (8th of August) to create a topic with the title #tolunaroadtrip with a picture of a holiday area with ‘Toluna’ in the picture somehow. As an example, if you are lucky enough to be at a beach, write ‘Toluna’ in the sand, or just simply hold up a piece of paper in the picture with ‘Toluna’ written on it – simple!

We understand that not everyone will be able to go abroad and so we are allowing you to take a picture at a famous area near where you live, for example.

Best of luck to everyone and I hope that you will keep on enjoying the videos!



ready to travel.png

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