The Create Button has gone… but do not fret!

As you will have noticed, the Create Button has been removed from the Community.


It has instead been replaced with a ‘Start Survey’ button which we hope you will prefer, as it will be much quicker for you to start one of the Surveys that await you.

start survey button big

In addition to this, we have also changed the landing page so that when you first log onto the website, you will be taken straight to the Survey Centre. This will, again, make it so much easier for you to log on and complete surveys right away.

Although the ‘Create’ Button is gone, do not fret! We still want to see your content!

To create content, first select ‘Community‘ from the drop down menu.

comm drop down
Then, click on ‘Topic’ or ‘Poll’, without forgetting to choose a category and adding an image or video. Now click ‘create’ and done! 🙂


Enjoy and let us know what you think about these changes in the Community.


Toluna Team

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