QuizLuna UK – All you need to know!

Dear Influencers,

We’re always looking for ways to keep you busy on Toluna with fun, but rewarding activities and today, we’d like to share a new one with you! Check out the below video for more information on how Quizluna works – you can find all the other not-so-interesting details below, like the Game Rules and Terms and Conditions!

Participation details

QuizLuna is free to enter and open to all Toluna UK influencers.

There will be four rounds:

  • Round 1: 2-8 November 2020
  • Round 2: 9-15 November 2020
  • Round 3: 16-22 November 2020
  • Round 4: 23-29 November 2020

Game Rules

  • There are 4 questions every week, with 4 possible answers; only one answer is correct.
  • An answer must be selected within 20 seconds. If nothing is selected, the game will skip to the next question automatically.
  • Every correct answer will be rewarded with 80 points.
  • A maximum of 320 points per round, and 1,280 points in total can be won – provided all the answers are correct.
  • The theme refreshes every Monday at 10am, for the duration of this campaign.
  • The game can only be played once a week.

The usernames of all influencers who got at least 75% of the answers right (12 out of 16) will be published in the Toluna Hall of Fame, in recognition of their prowess.

The SuperUser draw

The SuperUser draw is open only to the most active influencers, offering them the chance to win an additional reward: a £100 Amazon voucher.

In order to be eligible for the draw, influencers need to play the QuizLuna game and complete at least 5 surveys in the same week (the week ends on Sunday at 11.59pm).

  • Every week where both of the above conditions are fulfilled will earn the influencer one entry.
  • If the influencer has achieved a perfect streak (played the game and completed a minimum of 5 surveys, four weeks in a row), they will receive 3 bonus entries in the draw – adding up to a total of 7 chances to win the big prize.
  • There is only one Amazon voucher to be won at the end of the campaign.
  • The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries and will be announced publicly in the December edition of Toluna magazine. The voucher will be delivered electronically on the email address used when registering for Toluna panel.

Good luck, and have fun!

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