Thank you for donating to our Ukraine fundraiser!​

Dear Influencers,​

​As previously announced, our fundraiser for the Red Cross ended on May 31st!​

​With your help, we successfully raised €30,000, 50% of which was donated by Toluna to match your generosity! This amount will now be used by the Red Cross to help those who need it the most.​

​We cannot thank you, our amazing members, enough for actively participating in this fundraising event. As the proverb goes, a good deed is never lost!​

To end this event, we’ve also prepared a short video to highlight the efforts made by those who were able to donate. Click on the link below to watch it and most importantly…​

​Keep influencing your world!​
Toluna Team​

P.S. We have sent a small token of our appreciation to all those who donated! If you haven’t received it yet, please check your inbox now!

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