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Winners of the last Toluna #Challenge

Well done to everyone that took part in the last Toluna #Challenge. Hope you are all ready for this week’s #Challenge. This week’s winners will receive 5,000 points and the list of winners includes:

jaycee22, simridh, katyshaw02, jennyralph189, tmccrindle@sky.com, YellowMimosa, CathHMN, cm.79, kananga, jagagica, emma.gibson7796, NULL, ninadaisy, seagles1954, yorkie404, chrisa812, HappyFace123, inky4619, ssharple2001, jaeisjazz, junkiejedi, simon4301, Minnie1956, Chockycherry, stevebw61@gmail.com, deeone6603, BlackCat2, freestuff7, banner982, kenjamesh, julesluvshillbill, cairby, tandlemasson, calmted, cdw1, LizardKirk, Masiya1, pmf1966

If you would like to take part in the next TQS then please read the rules below.
♣ Toluna Quick Surveys are released randomly in the colour orange and with the name #challenge.
♣ The short survey will be available in the SURVEY CENTRE and will have questions about Toluna or actions that you will need to complete in order to win.
♣ All members who manage to answer the questions correctly and or complete the challenge will receive an extra bonus in points or a surprise reward.

Here is where it gets tricky:
♣ The TQS will pop up at a random time and disappear quite quickly
♣ Therefore to get the bonus points you will have to be ready and quick
♣ All instructions will be available in the TQS. Be sure to follow them in order to qualify

• We will be launching two TQS each week.
• Each short survey will be in the colour orange with the specific logo below so it’s easy to recognise
• The reward will vary depending on the difficulty of the task.
• Each reward will be displayed on the TQS with clear instructions
• Some questions will be about Toluna so you better read up on our FAQs and site terms if you want to be able to answer the questions correctly and win the surprise bonus.
• You will find the Toluna #challenge in the Survey Centre. Keep an eye out for it!