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The theme of the month is….. Travel Destinations! 

Create topics about the theme of the month and you may find yourself receiving extra points!

Remember, high quality topics will earn you points so make sure to make a topic that includes an interesting subject and an image.

In order to celebrate our theme of the month we have some new gifties.

The theme of the month is.... (2).jpg

You can now get:

An outdoor first aid kit: Stay safe during your treks and carry along this first aid kit.

Samsonite Suitcase: When you travel, do so in style with this great Samsonite suitcase.

Go to our rewards centre to find these new gifties.

Enter our latest competition!

Hello Members,

We can’t believe it’s already August! Have you taken a summer getaway yet? Are you planning one for this month? We want to see it all! Show us pictures of your summer getaway and enter in our new Instagram and Twitter contest: #TolunaGetaway! As always, there will be two winners who take home 15,000 points each – one selected from Instagram and the other selected from Twitter.


To enter, simply:

  • Follow @Toluna on Instagram or Twitter, depending on which platform you enter from
  • Select a picture of your summer getaway, upload it to Twitter or Instagram
  • Tag your picture with the hashtag #TolunaGetaway
  • On both Twitter and Instagram, you must follow @Toluna to be eligible

This contest is Instagram & Twitter Exclusive. You must post your photo between August 1 and August 31 to participate.


And we’re proud to announce the winners of #TolunaSummer! Among the hundreds of fun entries, greyviviho was selected from the Instagram entries, ThomKammermann and was selected via Twitter. They will each be receiving 15,000 points. Congratulations!

Best of luck to those entering #TolunaGetaway! We look forward to seeing your entries.

See you soon on the site, Instagram or Twitter

The Toluna Team

*Promotion Rules: Winners will be selected at random by September 8 2017 at 5pm EST and must follow directions of the contest. The member must have a Toluna.com account or be willing to create an account to receive the points.  The winner will be notified on their Instagram or Twitter entry that they have won. Posts must not contain any language that is obscene, insulting, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, untrue, misleading or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Toluna reserves the right to review all posts for content, and withhold bonus points from any user violating the rules mentioned above

We have something new in the rewards centre 

Would you like a Nike store voucher? Well you can get one now!

If you would like to find our more about our new evoucher then head on over to the rewards centre.

Will you be trading in your points for a Nike voucher?

Find the rewards centre here
New Nike Store vouchers in the rewards centre

Content Creators June 2017! 

Dear members,

We want to thank you for posting such great content on our site. Interacting freely with members; sharing your opinions and respecting other’s ideas!


We hereby announce our first 10 Content Creators of the month- in no particular order :

♣ 1 Jeanietravis- 175 topics

♣ 2 Happyface123 – 167 topics

♣ 3 ♡Ging13♡- 93 topics

♣ 4 lulu3000 – 99 topics

♣ 5 annron1928 – 54 topics

♣ 6 spartan3002 – 66 topics

♣ 7 Mags0 – 134 topics

♣ 8 kazelliec – 74 topics

♣ 9 Bethany262- 42 topics

♣ 10 swanda4470- 76 topics

This month swanda4470 and Jeanietravis will receive 5,000 points each.

Congratulations! We hope to see you again next month on this list!

Reminder – If the same members remain on the list:
• 3 months in a row – he or she deserves additional 5,000 points
• 5 months in a row – he or she earns 10 000 extra points

To become a content creator of the month you must create lots of high quality content throughout the month. This includes well written topics which include an image or video. Your participation on the site will also be taken into consideration such as helping other members, commenting on the topics of others, and just being an active Toluna member in general.

Good luck!

The Toluna Team

Tell the story of your first kiss

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane.
A First kiss can be a wonderful memory that we still keep close to our hearts or a catastrophe that we still like to chuckle about
Either way, most first kisses are quite memorable!

Do you still remember your first kiss?
Tell us how it happened

Ten stories will be chosen at random and receive 1,000 points

Go here to take part

Have you seen our latest reward?

You can now trade 22000 points for a fidget spinner. All you have to do it visit the Rewards Centre and swap your points for a fidget spinner.

hand spinner (002).jpg
What do you think of our latest reward? What would you like to see in our list of rewards?


New rewards!!!

Have you seen the new rewards in the Rewards Centre?

You can now exchange your points for:

A first aid kit

first aid
A cooler bag
cool bag
A Pull Lamp
pull lamp

Which one is your favourite?

Competition time! “If my life was a film…”


Tell us what your life would be like if it was in a film. What would it be called, who would star as you, or what would happen in the film? Get creative and let us know.

Participate to receive 500-1000 points

If my life was a film...

1.Create a topic called “If my life was a film…”
2. Each valid participation will receive 500- 1000 points.
3. When choosing a category for your topic please choose News.
4. Make sure to add an image or video

You have one week. Good Luck!


This month we will be focusing on TV, Film, and Music. To celebrate we have some new gifties!

The following special Gifties are now available until June! You can find these gifties in the rewards centre.

New TV inspired gifties!
Amazon Fire TV- Access instantly and enjoy thousands of movies, TV shows, videos, games and apps

Apple TV- Have full access to your iTunes library, to the programs you know and love and those you haven’t discovered yet

Bean bag-Have a seat in this comfortable bean bag and enjoy a book, a movie, or a video game

Good Luck!

Remember, if you win a prize from Toluna you will get an extra 1,000 points if you create a topic with an image of your prize. Show the community what you have won!

Easter Gifties Now Available!

Hello Members,

Easter is coming up soon we’ve added new Easter Gifties to the Rewards Center. These limited Gifties will only be available until April 14th, so look for the icons below in the Gifties section, and play for your chance to win!

There you will find:

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Easter surprise

Easter Egg basket

Easter cookie cutters

Easter Bunny cookie cutter

Easter decoration


Good luck!
The Toluna Team