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Toluna Online Shopping Experience Contest : A chance to win a £20 gift card and Toluna points

Dear Toluna Influencers,

We would love to hear more about how influential consumers like you, decide how and where to shop.

To participate:
– Film yourself answering any 3 of the 9 questions below
– Send your video to TolunaVideos@toluna.com by Feb. 26

– The top 20 videos will win a $20 gift card!
– All other valid participations will receive 3,000 points

*The winning videos will be featured on all Toluna websites

♣ Questions ♣
1. Where do you shop online? why?
2. When you think about the retailers you like? Why do you like them?
3. Do you buy more online now than you did a few years ago? If so, why?
4. How fast do you expect your goods to arrive?
5. How has your online shopping changed from 3-5 years ago?
6 Are you shopping online more now than 3-5 years ago?
7. What do you buy now that you wouldn’t have in the past?
8. Do you feel that companies understand you? If so, which ones
9. If a company were to truly delight you, what would they do?

*By participating you authorize Toluna and its affiliates to use your video for any promotional purposes

Click here to have more info.

Good luck:)


The Toluna Team


And the five lucky winners are…. 

We asked you to post your summer picture in order to win one of five inflatable doughnuts.

360x300_banner_v1 (002).jpg
We then put it to a photo and you all to vote for your favourite entry.

Based on the vote, our five lucky winners are:


You will all receive an inflatable doughnut from Toluna

Thanks to everyone who has taken part and make sure to congratulate the winners!

Our lucky testers for Labello Lip Butter

Dear members,

The selected testers for Labello Lip butter can be found here


If you would like to test some products for Toluna.com then visit our rewards centre and apply for the products you are interested in.

See you on Toluna!

Mobile app bonuses – Winners

Dear members,

We recently announce some fun new ways you can earn points just by using our new iPhone app?

We are pleased to reveal the lucky winners of the surprise gift and the 5000 point bonus draw!

Surprise Gift

Our surprise Gift goes to pattycon7 from the US. Congratulations on completing the most surveys on mobile!

5000 points bonus

Since it’s the first time, we are happy to exceptionally reward 2 users who created great content on our Toluna app.

We are still rewarding all those who create their first piece of content from the app and those who complete their first survey.

Please check your Points page  to know how many points you have already received.


*You are on android and would also like to earn points for using our Mobile App? Don’t you worry, our Android app will soon be available.

See you next month for more winner announcements and fun ways to earn points.

The Toluna Team