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Be a Toluna Millionaire!


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Dear Influencers,

Your happiness is key to us and we always strive to do our utmost to ensure your Toluna experience is enjoyable. Over the last year, as you may have noticed, we have been making quite a few changes. We are trying new things to create a better experience for you. With each new feature, we have eagerly awaited your feedback and taken it into to make sure ensure your satisfaction.

Thanks to this new approach, we are constantly identifying areas of improvement and will continue to do so during the upcoming months.

Starting today we are excited to announce a brand-new daily Toluna lottery! Drum roll please…

Who wants to be a Toluna Millionaire?

Yes! You read that right! We will be giving one lucky Influencer 1,000,000 Toluna points every single day!

How will this work?

  • Simply continue to answer our surveys to collect sweepstake entries*
  • The more entries you have, the more chances to win (if you would like to top up, you can also purchase extra sweepstake entries from our rewards centre)
  • There is no limit to the number of sweepstakes entries you can collect.

This new method will allow us to reward our most active and loyal influencers on a daily basis. 

Collect Entries (2)

How often will the winners be announced?

  • The winners will be announced every work day
  • Weekend winners will be announced on Monday along with the winner of that day

How can we be sure that only the most active influencers will be selected?

  • Winners must have answered at least 1 survey in the 30 days preceding the draw
  • Winners must be active in the community and have created content in the last 30 days (including but not limited to topics, polls or comments) – this allows more transparency as the winners will be users that are known in the community
  • Users must have a profile picture

*Sweepstake entries are only valid during the month of the draw. This means that the tickets you win in June can only allow you to win in June. Entries expire at the end of each month so to qualify for the following month, you must have earned at least 1 ticket during said month.

Winners will be drawn randomly from all existing Toluna communities.

We hope you enjoy participating in this new sweepstakes, we can’t wait to hear more from you!

Keep Influencing Your World,

The Toluna Team


Keeping your online data and personal information secure with Toluna

With the rise in personal information being hacked or stolen, it is more important than ever to keep your data safe.

At Toluna we take this very seriously and treat your data with the utmost care.

However, despite all our efforts, we can’t keep your data safe alone – we need your help! With this thought in mind, we have pulled together the top 5 tips for keeping your data safe.

1) Update your password on a regular basis by following these simple steps.

Please make sure your password is:

– at least 8 characters – at least 1 uppercase character (A-Z)

– at least 1 lowercase character (a-z) – at least 1 digit (0-9)

– at least 1 special character (including punctuation and spaces)

– no more than 3 identical characters in a row (e.g., 1111 not allowed)

– not identical to your email.

Please make sure your new passwords are unique (not something you use for other accounts) and only you know it; please do not share it with anyone

Update your Toluna password today.

2) Your password isn’t always as strong as you think!

Surprisingly you aren’t the only one to think of using “password” as a password, 12345678 is also not that hard to guess. Make sure you don’t use your name or birthday as a password either. Use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and if you can, add in special characters to create a strong secure password.

3) Don’t use the same password everywhere!

As tempting as it is to use the same password for everything, it also increases your chances of being hacked, and across multiple accounts too.

4) Check to see if your data has been compromised

Yes, this amazing (and free) service lets you check if your details have been compromised just by entering your email address. Visit https://haveibeenpwned.com today to find out.

5) Don’t send the King of Nigeria’s son any money…

And make sure you don’t open any attachments in his emails either. In fact, don’t open any emails, links or attachments from unknown sources.

Oh, and we almost forgot, that long-lost cousin who just needs your bank account details to wire you a fortune probably doesn’t exist.

Keep your data safe and keep Influencing Your World!

The Toluna Team

Toluna Online Shopping Experience Contest : A chance to win a £20 gift card and Toluna points

Dear Toluna Influencers,

We would love to hear more about how influential consumers like you, decide how and where to shop.

To participate:
– Film yourself answering any 3 of the 9 questions below
– Send your video to TolunaVideos@toluna.com by Feb. 26

– The top 20 videos will win a $20 gift card!
– All other valid participations will receive 3,000 points

*The winning videos will be featured on all Toluna websites

♣ Questions ♣
1. Where do you shop online? why?
2. When you think about the retailers you like? Why do you like them?
3. Do you buy more online now than you did a few years ago? If so, why?
4. How fast do you expect your goods to arrive?
5. How has your online shopping changed from 3-5 years ago?
6 Are you shopping online more now than 3-5 years ago?
7. What do you buy now that you wouldn’t have in the past?
8. Do you feel that companies understand you? If so, which ones
9. If a company were to truly delight you, what would they do?

*By participating you authorize Toluna and its affiliates to use your video for any promotional purposes

Click here to have more info.

Good luck:)


The Toluna Team


Lucky testers selected

The testers for Bourjois MakeUp Kit and Bourjois Happy Light Concealer have been announced, simply click on the link to see if you’ll be receiving a product.

To apply for test products head over to our test products page and see what new products are available to apply for.

See you on the site!

Lucky testers selected

The testers for Maybelline Mascara Lash Candy Glitter have been announced, simply click on the link to see if you’ll be receiving a product.


To apply for test products head over to our test products page and see what new products are available to apply for.

See you on the site!

Lucky testers selected

The testers for Men Expert Shave Gel have been announced, simply click on the link to see if you’ll be receiving a product.


To apply for test products head over to our test products page and see what new products are available to apply for.

See you on the site!

Lucky testers selected

The testers for Loreal Dream Bronze Legs BB have been announced, simply click on the link to see if you’ll be receiving a product.


To apply for test products head over to our test products page and see what new products are available to apply for.

See you on the site!

October #TolunaNature contest

Hello Members,

Happy October! We’re nearing the end of 2017 and what better way to celebrate than by celebrating the world around us. We want to see some beautiful nature shots, of your back yard, a park, or even a concrete jungle! Anything! Show us pictures of nature and enter in our new Instagram and Twitter contest: #TolunaNature! As always, there will be two winners who take home 15,000 points each – one selected from Instagram and the other selected from Twitter.


To enter, simply:

  • Follow @Toluna on Instagram or Twitter, depending on which platform you enter from
  • Select a picture of nature, upload it to Twitter or Instagram
  • Tag your picture with the hashtag #TolunaNature
  • On both Twitter and Instagram, you must follow @Toluna to be eligible

This contest is Instagram & Twitter Exclusive. You must post your photo between October 1 and October 31 to participate.

And we’re proud to announce the winners of #TolunaColor! Among the hundreds of fun entries, a_lexan_dre was selected from the Instagram entries, noriko_kinomoto  and was selected via Twitter. They will each be receiving 15,000 points. Congratulations!

TolunaColor TW WinnerTolunaColor IG Winner

Best of luck to those entering #TolunaNature! We look forward to seeing your entries.

See you soon on the site, Instagram or Twitter

The Toluna Team

*Promotion Rules: Winners will be selected at random by November 8 2017 at 5pm EST and must follow directions of the contest. The member must have a Toluna.com account or be willing to create an account to receive the points.  The winner will be notified on their Instagram or Twitter entry that they have won. Posts must not contain any language that is obscene, insulting, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, untrue, misleading or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Toluna reserves the right to review all posts for content, and withhold bonus points from any user violating the rules mentioned above


New test products

If you would like to test a product then please visit the test products section of the website and you can apply to test products for Toluna.

Our chosen testers for the following products include:


Bourjois NailArtMultiBrush


Maybelline Lipstick Hydra Extreme


LU Grany Bars

Bourjois Mascara resized

Bourjois Mascara


Oral B Satin Floss


LOreal Color Riche



Garnier 5Sec Optical Blur


Toluna Weekly #Goodie

To celebrate our most active members, Toluna will be sending a random free product to one of our top influencers.

1) How can I become one of the lucky winners?

All you have to do is participate in the Toluna community and answer our fun surveys!

2) How can I win?

The Toluna team will randomly select one of the 50 most active users – meaning users who answer the most surveys and create the most content* on Toluna.com.

3) How will I know if I have won?

Our lucky winner will be announced each Wednesday and will receive the product shortly after! To win again, make sure to share a photo or video with your #Goodie!

4) Can I win more than once?

Yes, but winners must share a video or photo with the Goodie to qualify again.

Please use the tags #TolunaWins and #Goodies on social media when you share


The Toluna Weekly Goodie is open to all registered Toluna UK members.

To qualify, the member’s postal address must be complete so we can ship the gift as soon as you are selected.

* Content refers to topics, polls and opinions.