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Toluna Online Shopping Experience Contest : A chance to win a £20 gift card and Toluna points

Dear Toluna Influencers,

We would love to hear more about how influential consumers like you, decide how and where to shop.

To participate:
– Film yourself answering any 3 of the 9 questions below
– Send your video to TolunaVideos@toluna.com by Feb. 26

– The top 20 videos will win a $20 gift card!
– All other valid participations will receive 3,000 points

*The winning videos will be featured on all Toluna websites

♣ Questions ♣
1. Where do you shop online? why?
2. When you think about the retailers you like? Why do you like them?
3. Do you buy more online now than you did a few years ago? If so, why?
4. How fast do you expect your goods to arrive?
5. How has your online shopping changed from 3-5 years ago?
6 Are you shopping online more now than 3-5 years ago?
7. What do you buy now that you wouldn’t have in the past?
8. Do you feel that companies understand you? If so, which ones
9. If a company were to truly delight you, what would they do?

*By participating you authorize Toluna and its affiliates to use your video for any promotional purposes

Click here to have more info.

Good luck:)


The Toluna Team


Recredited points for vouchers

Dear members,

We have recently experienced some delays in providing physical and digital vouchers, due to an issue with our partner. As a temporary solution, we have decided to deactivate these rewards from our Rewards Page. We have also cancelled all requests placed from September 1st until today in order not to keep you waiting. The points have been automatically credited back to your account so you can head over to our Reward Page and choose one of our available reward options there.

Please note that we will try to re-activate these as soon as this issue is solved.

Thank you for your understanding and we are sorry for the inconvenience that this might have caused.

These vouchers include

Dixons 15 pound E-voucher
Tesco 15 pound E-voucher
Toni & Guy 5 pound P-Voucher
WHSmith 7 pound P-Voucher
GAP 5 pound P-Voucher
Schuh 5 pound P-Voucher
Theatre Token 20 pound P-Voucher
SportsDirect 5 pound P-Voucher
Schuh 20 pound P-Voucher


The Toluna Team

Good news everyone: Here is our latest webinar!

Learn how to redeem rewards with our newest webinar.

In this webinar we will be showing you how to:

1. Find Toluna rewards
2. Redeem Toluna rewards?
3. How to make sure that rewards get correctly delivered to your address?
4. What to do after a voucher is processed for both Evouchers and Paper vouchers

Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for the subject of our next webinar.

Thanks everyone!